Afterthoughts of an Interview

I was watching an interview from a few years ago on Youtube by the Oxford Union of an actor I deeply respect (not hard to guess it was Wentworth Miller) and things were said that i wholeheartedly agree with and thought that I would share and add upon.

One of the biggest themes of the interview was mental health and taking care of yourself or learning how to do that. One of those hows happened to be self care, but he made it clear that it didn't have to be something big and expensive and extravagant. He said that the small things are what really matter. Things like burning some sage (preferably not white sage please), going for a walk, or just taking a bath with some epsom salts. I couldn't agree more. As much as someone might like to feel pampered, those big and fancy spa days aren't necessarily the best option in the long run. Little things that are easier to do on a more regular basis because of time, money, and effort are what i think hold the most benefits in the long run.

He later went on to talk about how much the way you speak about yourself can affect your mental wellbeing. If my best friend messed up, I would be nothing but kind and understanding. On the other hand, if I messed up my mind would likely jump to "You fucking idiot. You fucked up." Something which I really had to look at in the past year and realize that the way I was speaking to myself wasn't so different from a person that I would waste no time cutting from my life. Seeing as that isn't really an option, I opted for having the moment of recognition of the need to change my thought and speech pattern.

You have to consciously change the way you talk to and about yourself because people take that as a cue for how to treat you. This is what people mean when they say you have to be kind to yourself. Even if it's just changing the words a little at first. Like instead of constantly saying you want to die, you could just make the gentle change to you want to cry or you want to commit a crime. Once you start changing that internal dialogue to just be a little bit kinder, more forgiving, it makes it a lot easier to want to take care of yourself and treat yourself with physical kindness. Whether that be through self care or treating yourself, is up to you and how you're feeling.

If you take away just one thing from this post, let it be this: You must use kinder words with yourself because there are so many things that they impact and you won't truly know how much until you start to take that first step in treating yourself the way you want people to treat your friends.

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